Folk dance group „Rotaļa” was founded in 1946; the home of „Rotaļa” has been VEF Culture Palace right from the start and still is.

The dance group got its name from a dance, whose choreographer was the group’s first art director– Ludmila Krūmiņa. She shaped Latvian and foreign dance choreographies, topical were Spanish dances.

Since 1968 to 1969 dance group was directed by Gaļina Libere, she is famous with her plays and choreographies of foreign dances (e.g. such plays as “Salaspils” and “Basku sacelšanās” a.o.)

During her time in “Rotaļa” as an art director of group, many professional dancers joined the group letting it sparkle and be of the best among other dancing groups in different kind of events (e.g. song and dance festivals).

Very often group traveled to different USSR collective farms, where they supported them (had to sow, plant and harvest).

Also “Rotaļa” had trips to other USSR republics in order to search new ideas for group’s costumes. The biggest effort was made by group’s director Dace Ašmane. A lot of money and fantasy was put in costumes to create them.

Year 1977 for dance group was full of success, first to mention is that dance group joined two very essential persons : dancer Modris Gipmanis and as a group director – Aija Baumane , because of passion for dance group and effort of these two persons dance group gained status - folk dance group.

In 1980 “Rotaļa” for the first time gained third place in dance festival’s show.

In 1981 Roze Kupča started to work in dance group as directors assistant. Few years later, in 1983, dance group gained first place in dance festival show with such dances as "Plācenītis", "Trīs sidraba upes tek" un "Lietuviešu deja".

“Rotaļa” was announced as the best dance group also in 1985 in the same dance festival show, everyone was amazed by dances and performance of the dance group.

In 1989 Modris Gipmanis left the dance group, and at that moment Gints Baumanis becomes the coach of dance group.

In 1990 dance group gets again first place in dance festival show.

In 1998 Latvian folk dance group show takes place, where international jury ranks groups, “Rotaļa” earns the highest gratitude, next years group takes parts in different international festivals and competitions.

In 2003 “Rotaļa” took part in song festival show , dancing dances called “Alsuņģietis” and “Virmo gaiss” and became laureate of show.